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Show Summary

We have fun news! Erin and Hannah will be recording a LIVE episode of Persuasion Friday, November 9, at Leaf Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. The live recording is part of a workshop Erin and Hannah are hosting Friday and Saturday, called Word+Craft Weekend. Sessions will explore the fundamentals of communication, help you craft a philosophy of writing, and discover the importance of your story.

Ticket options allow you to attend either Friday or Saturday or both. Erin and Hannah are also offering a handful of one-on-one coaching sessions Saturday afternoon. Listen in for a quick summary of the sessions and find more details at Leaf Institute. We hope to see you there!

Your Hosts

Erin Straza: Web / Twitter
Hannah Anderson: Web / Twitter

Episode 150 Resources & Links

Event details & tickets >> Word+Craft Weekend

Leaf Institute

Theme music by Maiden Name. Produced by Jonathan Clauson.

Sponsorship Details

If you are interested in sponsoring an episode of Persuasion, please email us for available packages and rates.

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