Persuasion 146: Let’s Talk

Persuasion has been MIA since August—now we’re back! Check out our new format that affirms our vision for good conversations happening wherever you may be.

Persuasion 142: The Incredibles Teach Us How to Be Human

In this ounce of Persuasion fast chat, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson chat (spoiler free) about some of the key story lines from the two films, mainly how they affirm and value the unique role of the individual while inspiring the individual to be part of the team.

Persuasion 140: The Blame Game in Separating Families

Erin and Hannah discuss the way our public discourse has become about winning and sides rather than solving a crisis that is looking for a blame game in separating families. Is it possible for us to set politics aside?

Persuasion 139: Why Twitter Cares about IHOP’s IHOb Campaign

Show Summary In response to a marketing ploy by IHOP, Twitter has decided: Pancakes and burgers do not go together. Last week the International House of Pancakes restaurant chain launched a new campaign to promote its burger menu. There were cryptic pre-launch ads showing the letter P in the logo flipped upside down to make…