Small Talk Afterthoughts

Small talk feels flimsy to me when there are too many names, too many faces, too many emotional vibes, too many nonverbal cues, too many details to process.

Persuasion 147 | Table Talk

The conversational style of your family—both around the table and throughout the home—during your childhood had a profound impact upon your approach to conversation today.

Persuasion 146 | Let’s Talk

Persuasion has been MIA since August—now we’re back! Check out our new format that affirms our vision for good conversations happening wherever you may be.

Persuasion 142 | The Incredibles Teach Us How to Be Human

In this ounce of Persuasion fast chat, Erin and Hannah chat (spoiler free) about key story lines from the two films, how they affirm and value the unique role of the individual while inspiring the individual to be part of the team.